Top Electric Bike Brands

At Electric Bikes Inc we only sell the highest quality brands of e bike. When people are first looking for a bicycle with an electric motor, they often hit the local bike shop and want to see what Trek or Specialized has to offer. But this isn’t necessarily the right approach when considering electric bicycle technology.

There are a few brands that lead the pack when it comes to electric bikes. These were the first companies that entered the market and they’ve continued to be impossible to beat. For example, Haibike originated e bike technology in 1995. Since that time this German manufacturer has set the gold standard for electric bike quality.

Top Brands to Consider

Consider the following brands if you’re looking for an electric bike that will be reliable and provide the ideal motor-powered experience.

Haibike Electric Bikes


Haibike is a German-brand of electric bicycle pronounced (Hi Bike). They were founded in 1995 by Susanne and Felix Puello. They were originally sold under the name, Winora, but soon became Haibike. Since 1995, they’ve been the industry leader in electric bike technology and remain that way to this day. We commonly refer to Haibike as the Lexus of electric-powered bikes.

All Haibike models are given the designation of SDURO and XDURO. Learn more about what this means CLICK HERE

We are select dealers of Haibike brand electric bikes. We have 2017 models in stock and on sale. We also have access to the full lineup of 2018 models of Haibike.

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iZip E Bikes


Also owned by the same company that owns Haibike, iZip is a great brand if you’re looking for a medium priced, high-quality electric bike. They have a lot of amazing road bikes and hybrids to choose from.

Find an iZip electric bike to buy online today. CLICK HERE

We have a bunch of the popular road bike—The 2017 iZip E3 Zuma, in stock at a discounted price. LEARN MORE about the E3 Zuma.

Magnum Bikes

Magnum Bikes

We have been selling a lot of these new brand of electric bicycles. They don’t have the same legacy and reputation as Haibike and iZip, but we’ve been finding that our customers are really thrilled by these lower-cost e bikes. You get a lot of popular features with Magnum Bikes that you will pay premium prices for with the bigger brands.

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Felt Electric Bicycles


Felt was founded by triathlete, Jim Felt, who also happens to be one of the top motorcycle mechanics in the United States. Since opening in 2001, Felt has become one of the most respected bicycle brands in the world. We carry two of their electric cargo bikes, the Bruhaul and Tote’M.

LEARN MORE about Felt Electric Bikes

High-Power Cycles

HPC: High-Power Cycles

HPC is an oddity in the electric bike industry. They produce what are essentially kit e bikes. Normally, kit bikes are inferior to the best electric bike brands like Haibike and iZip. But High-Power Cycles (HPC) is a huge exception. They’re the custom hot rods of electric bikes. Their bikes are not for the faint of heart—with crazy-powerful Crystalyte motors. They are built for both high-speed and obscene-torque.

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Vintage Electric Bikes

Vintage Electric Bikes

If you want an electric cruiser-style bicycle that actually goes fast, look no further than Vintage Electric. These are custom-made in California with the utmost elegance and skill. With the same-type of electric motor as the HPC, these are crazy fast. And there aren’t any e bikes as gorgeous as the four models manufactured by this high-quality American-made brand.

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Find the Right Brand of Electric Bikes for You

Whether you’re looking for a road bicycle, mountain bike, or electric cruiser, we at Electric Bikes Inc. have the right e bike for you. We specialize in selling bikes with motors online. But when you buy from us, you can consult with a real electric bicycle mechanic that can answer all of your questions. Speak with a real person today and buy one of the top brands of electric bikes today.

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