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At Electric Bikes Inc. we sell a lot of great road bikes with power-systems. Here are three of our favorite options that we regularly recommend to our customers:

3 Favorite Electric ROAD Bikes | Electric Bikes Inc.

iZip E3 Zuma

This is such a great bike. It’s fast, fun, and simple to ride. We think of this as the Honda Accord of cruiser-style e bikes

The Zuma comes with a powerful 500-watt hub power system by Currie. It provides pedal-assist and a pedal-free throttle.

You’ll find the step-thru design easy to ride, with a comfortable seat.

The Zuma comes in four exciting bright colors: white, lime green, aqua, and salmon (orange).

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Magnum Metro

Magnum isn’t as big of a brand as iZip, so you can expect to get more exciting bells and whistles for the same cost.

This step-thru e bike comes with built-in-lights, rack, and fenders. It also comes with front wheel shocks and suspension on an extra-comfortable seat.

With a 500-watt Bafang motor, this bicycle features pedal-assist and throttle.

The Magnum Metro comes in two standard colors: black and white.

Haibike SDURO Trekking

Many road bike riders are going know that they’ll be tackling hills or long commutes. In this case, we recommend a Haibike road bicycle for it’s more sophisticated mid-drive motor. We sell these models with Yamaha motors so that our customers can see twice the range as the other hub-drives.

You’ll have extra torque with a mid-drive, perfect for hills and light trails. The Trekking comes with standard fenders and rack.

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