8 Reasons Off-Road E Bikes Outdo Conventional Mountain Bikes Every Way Possible

If you like to ride off-road, you’ll find out soon that everything is better on a mountain e bike. That’s right. You read that correctly

Everything is better on an electric bike!

For a long time, extreme mountain bikers took the purist point-of-view regarding electric-power systems. The new technology was easy to ridicule as cheating. But as the tech has been progressing over the last two decades, we see an attitude adjustment. Now, high-competitive mountain bikers have to confess: Electric-motor-powered bikes enhance everything that they want to do on the mountain trail.

Read this article about why off-road e bikes are outdoing conventional mountain bikes.

1. Do Everything You Want on a Mountain Bike, But Better

When digital cameras first entered the marketplace, there was a lot of complaining from traditional photographers and cinematographers. The new technology seemed inferior to standard film. But as the technology improved, professionals found advantages to digital cameras.

As we’ve seen, digital cameras have become the dominant technology, demolishing longstanding brands like Kodak. More and more, prominent filmmakers have switched to digital cameras whether filming blockbusters or independent films. For many serious artists, the benefits of digital technology outweigh the disadvantages.

Electric motors for bicycles have progressed in the same way as digital cameras. For any mountain bike racing style, there’s going to be portions of the ride that are uphill or flat. With a power-driven mountain bike, you will always go faster on those portions–Jump more quickly, going farther, and higher into the air.

The off-road e bike experience is more exciting, more fun, and more efficient at making you a skilled rider than conventional technology.

2. Downhills Riders Can Easily Ride-up the Mountain without Using Lifts

Downhill mountain biking is the most extreme form of off-road riding. Many mountain bike lovers who enjoy this intensely fast pace sport often go to skiing areas, take the lift up the mountain and then ride down.

Some downhill enthusiasts drive their cars to the top of the mountain, ride down, having to retrieve their automobiles at the top. These strategies can be expensive and time-consuming.

When your bicycle has an electric motor, there’s no need for ski-lifts or driving your car up and down from the the top of the hill. Engage your e bike’s pedal-assist at maximum torque, pushing yourself up the mountain with ease.

3. Feels Like You Are Doing all the Work

Pro-level athletes may be resistant to the idea of using an electric motor on their mountain bike. Isn’t the point to train and strengthen your riding?

2018 Haibike XDURO AllMtn 8.0 is a great electric mountain bike to choose.

When you use a Haibike electric mountain cycle with a Yamaha or Bosch motor, the experience is incredibly intuitive. Add more force to the pedals, adjust the gears, and receive more torque for steep hills.

The torque sensors on these high-performance motors improve your riding-performance in surprising ways. And you’ll find that you have added endurance to ride longer. Riding an electric mountain bike is like taking performance-enhancing drugs, without any of the adverse side effects.

Torque Sensors Provide Instinctual Riding Experience

Electric road bikes often come with simple hub-motors. These lower-grade motors have cadence sensors, which aren’t as intuitive as the mid-drive power-systems manufactured by Yamaha and Bosch.

When you ride a hub-drive, you will feel an immediate boost at the instance of pedaling. This sensation can be fun at first, but it’s an indicator of less sensitive technology.

Torque sensors on mountain bikes are really smart. On the lowest pedal-assist setting on a flat road, you almost don’t even notice the boost. It isn’t until you get out on a hill or you’re hitting a crazy-steep section of the mountain that you will see the incredible value of a torque sensor.

4. Go Farther with an Electric Mountain Bike

On a conventional mountain bike, you’re always monitoring your energy level. You must make small compromises throughout the journey to keep yourself riding for as long as you have planned. You’ll avoid the severe hills. You’ll always slow yourself down to avoid extreme exhaustion, evading becoming stranded on a trail.

Off-road e bikes, however, change the equation. Like a spotter helps a weightlifter, you can always push yourself to absolute failure.

A powered-motor on your bike will dramatically increase the overall distance of your average ride. You will attempt parts of the mountain that previously intimidated you on a conventional bicycle. E bikes give you the bravery to try anything.

5. Go Longer with an Off-Road E Bike

When you use an electric bike, you stay out on the trail longer. Turn a 2-hour ride into an epic 5-hour adventure with an e bike. This extra time on the mountain-cycle is vital for developing your skills as a rider.

6. Develop Your Skillset

Developing your skills as a mountain biker isn’t merely about increasing muscle mass and endurance. With an e bike:

  • Increase your balance.
  • Improving your eye-body coordination.

Executing harder mountain biking activities, for a longer period, will surely make you a more capable rider.

As pro-rider, Paul Bolton says:

“Is doing it five times instead of two times cheating?”

At the highest levels of off-road performance, the advantages of e bikes are even more apparent. These top athletes are already capable of outstanding physical performance. Mastering the technical components of mountain biking is always the goal of their training.

It’s pretty easy to see, then, why professional riders are converting to electric bikes. Train harder and longer to develop the skills you want to master with an electric motor on your mountain bike.

Haibike Paul Bolton – We don’t stop

7. Increase Mountain Biking Confidence

One of the most significant factors for success in riding an off-road bicycle is confidence. Remember learning to balance on a bike as a child? At a certain point in your practice, you realized that if you kept pushing the pedals, you’d stay up on the bike. When you developed the belief that you wouldn’t fall, you were able to ride a bike.

Electric-boosted bikes function the same way. They increase your confidence in riding in the mountains. You can take an e bike anywhere and push yourself harder. Be the dream-rider that you’ve always imagined yourself becoming.

8. Ride with Partners!

It would be nice if we all had endless power and endurance. If everyone was an equal rider, everyone could ride off-road, without any concern about injury, illness, or the natural weakening of the body that happens through aging.

E bikes even the playing field for every rider. They give everyone the opportunity to mountain bike with anyone. On standard bikes, the slower rider always feels pressure to ride in ways they aren’t comfortable. And the stronger rider gets bored, wanting to ride in more challenging modes. Electric mountain bikes make the experience fun for everyone.

Ride as a Couple

We sell a lot of electric bikes to couples that stopped riding together at some point because one person was the stronger rider.

It’s especially exciting seeing older couples, who can now enjoy their retirement years mountain biking together. Illnesses and injuries won’t keep anyone from getting the exercise they want.

Even when both partners are in ideal shape, men and women love riding together with electric motors, because they’re just so awesome!

The Great Equalizer

iZip E3 Peak DS – High Performance E Bike for Off-Road

Even if you’re a pro-athlete, you’re going to find you can do more on a mountain bike with power-assist. And if you happen to be friends or partners with one of these mega-competitive riders, you’ll be able to go out and enjoy this exciting sport, with the technology to ride anywhere.

Electric mountain bikes are the great equalizer. Every person can access this excellent pastime. Mountain biking can be fun for all riders, regardless of their physical abilities. And e bikes turn uber-athletes into off-road superheroes. Discover for yourself why the e bike revolution is for you too.

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