Best Electric Mountain Bikes

Best Electric Mountain Bikes

In recent years, electric bike technology has skyrocketed. The best manufacturers of electric mountain bikes are producing the best bicycles in the world.

At Electric Bikes Inc. we have new 2018 models of the best brands coming into stock.

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We also have some 2017 models that we’re trying to liquidate at special discounted prices.

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Best Brands

We are incredibly selective about the brands that we choose to sell at Electric Bikes Inc. We only offer mountain bikes that we know will do what they say they’ll do. We stay away from traditional brands like Specialized and Trek, as we’ve seen that they’re still inferior to the top bike e bike manufactures.

Haibike Best Brand of Electric Mountain Bikes


One of the best brands of electric mountain bikes is Haibike, a German manufacturer of e bikes. They invented electric-bicycle-technology.

Haibike features Yamaha and Bosch motors, the best power-systems for off-road e bikes. These advanced systems use special torque-sensors, which are enormously intuitive. These hyper-sophisticated motors area ideal for sincere mountain bike racing—you’ll feel like you have bionic legs, able to perform at the highest level for longer on the trail.

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iZip Reliable Off-Road E Bikes


iZip is a sister company to Haibike. They’re designed to be super reliable, without a lot of the high-performance features of Haibike.

Sometimes simplicity is a virtue, and you’ll see that with iZip. These are great for riders becoming introduced to mountain bikes. You’ll find mid-drive motors, providing optimal torque for mountain biking. iZip uses Bosch and Currie motors on these great off-road-designed bicycles.

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HPC Custom Mountain E Bike


In most cases, we don’t like kit-bikes. But if you’re a fan of motocross, you’ll love HPC’s brand of biking. These are the custom hot rods of e bikes.

They feature high-power motors by Crystalyte and Bafang that are just plain ridiculous. If you want pure speed, you want a Hi-Power Cycles (HPC). They all come with killer shocks and rugged frames, built for large forces.

HPC’s off-road e bikes can go from 40-70 mph. These are not strictly speaking—legal. So, you’ll want to be very careful where and how you use the HPC models of mountain bike. Don’t be stupid. We don’t want you to die.

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Magnum Low Cost Electric Mountain Bikes

Magnum Bikes

Not as well known as Haibike and iZip, we were cautiously optimistic when we first started selling Magnum Bikes. Since that time, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by Magnum Bikes.

You’ll get a lot of value for the price with a Magnum model of off-road friendly e bike.

If you’re new to mountain biking, this can be a great introductory brand to the tech. If you’re a pro-level racer, you’ll prefer Haibike.

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Buying an Electric Mountain Bike Online

We realize a lot of mountain bikers live in remote areas where it can be challenging to get to an electric bike-specialist shop. Because of this, you may prefer to buy your mountain bike online.

Best Price on Off-Road E Bikes

Many consumers in the U.S. recognize the value of shopping online for the best possible price. Because of this, we try to help customers find the ideal electric mountain bike, for the price that fits their budget. Buy online from Electric Bikes Inc. today.

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