Defeat Aging with the Stunning Health Benefits of E Bikes

No one enjoys aging. Health problems typically increase as you age. But it turns out that you may be able to avoid these health problems as you get older. Several new studies outlined in the Guardian show that riding a bike regularly throughout your life can have substantial health benefits. Not only are the advantages to your well-being physical, but there are also mental health advantages.

In this recent study, 125 amateur cyclists, aged 55 to 79 years-old, preserved muscle mass and strength. They also maintained stable levels of body fat and cholesterol.

The biggest surprise revealed by the report showed that there are massive positive results on the immune system from bicycling.

Strengthen your Immune System as You Age with a Bike

The thymus is an organ that builds T-cells, which strengthen your immune system. The thymus begins to shrink in your 20’s. People that regularly ride bicycles, however, generate as many T-cells as younger individuals.

Empty Nesters Enjoy Greater Health Benefits with Electric Bikes

We see a lot of customers facing middle-age, looking to increase their healthy activity as they grow older with electric bicycles. Although bike riding is always beneficial, we believe that you can’t beat e bikes for optimal conditioning—Health problems and injuries won’t hold you back. You’ll have more fun. And you’ll be much more likely to use your e bike than you would any other type of exercise. Bike riding with others is also more fun with an electric motor.

Riding E Bikes Socially

Many people prefer to ride their bikes with friends and loved ones. But your strength in riding can fluctuate over the course of life. It can be both frustrating to you and your riding partner if you can’t keep up. They may want to ride more aggressively than you’re capable.

If you don’t have the same stamina that you’re accustomed to, using an e bike can solve the problem. You will continually stay active with an electric bicycle, making it easier to enjoy this hobby with riding partners.

Many couples buy electric bikes together at our local store or from us online at Electric Bikes Inc. Boost-technology evens the playing field for all riders.

Reduce Your Health Insurance Costs

A growing population of baby boomers is trying to stay fit into their later years. With the rising cost of health insurance, it’s understandable why so many our customers are choosing to invest an e bike rather than incur greater hospital bills. This study in the Guardian should give riders confidence that they’re taking care of their bodies and finances with e bike use.

Become 20-years-old Again

Most of us look back fondly on our 20’s with our smaller waste-lines and greater muscle-tone. But athletic ability and good looks aren’t the only benefits of younger age. Our general health tends to decline over the years. We’re more likely to suffer from the common cold and other typical health problems.

A new study at the University of Birmingham reveals the value of staying active as we age:

“. . . our findings debunk the assumption that aging automatically makes us more frail. Our research means we now have strong evidence that encouraging people to commit to regular exercise throughout their lives is a viable solution to the problem that we are living longer but not healthier.”

Professor Janet Lord
Director of the Institute of Inflammation and Aging

Improved Mental Health

Physical health isn’t the only benefit to exercise. Our mental health also seems to be strengthened through regular bike riding. Another study shows that those who commute by bike are less likely to face depression.

Many are intimidated by commuting, however, due to the various weather conditions they may face, as well as fluctuating health and energy that usually occurs in life. But an e bike makes it easier to tackle the challenge of commuting to work on a bicycle.

Age Beautifully

The evidence is clear. Doing whatever you can to stay active is going to be extremely beneficial to your physical health and general happiness. There’s never been a better time to invest in an electric bike.

Keep Life Fun!

When you make exercise fun, you’re more likely to stay active.

It’s so exciting to us when we see customers of all ages invest in an electric bike. We feel confident that encouraging customers to make the purchase is going to be a positive development for their life. You’re going to love riding your e bike, which means that you’re going to ride longer and more often, getting the type of exercise demonstrated in this Guardian article.

Buy an e bike online today. Have fun! And stay active.

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