Vintage Electric Cruiser Style E Bikes

What are E Bikes?

Electric bikes (e bikes, e-bikes, or eBikes as you’ll see them named) are the newest innovation in bicycle riding technology. They have the same basic design of conventional bikes. But the most significant difference is the addition of an electric motor that provides a boost.

Electric-boosted bicycles have a small power-system. It’s located in between the pedals or in the hub of the rear wheel that gives the extra thrust. Electric bikes are built with stronger frames as these higher-torque bicycles incur more stress on their body and components.

E bikes have two primary functions:

1. Pedal-Assist

2. Increased Torque


E Bikes by Haibike with Bosch Electric Power-System. These are mid-drive models.

A small motor on the bike assists the rider as he or she pedals. This advanced function helps the rider in two fundamental ways, depending on the type of bicycle design:

1. Increased Speed

2. Increased Torque

Increased Speed

Manufacturers design road bikes are with simple electric motors that provide increased speed with less effort. Electric Road Bikes often have hub motors, located on the back wheel but we see more and more manufactured with mid-drive power systems. Many road bikes with motors are designed with a maximum speed of 20 mph, and other bicycles known as pedelecs can go as fast as 28-mph.

Increased Torque

Electric mountain bikes (eMTBs), cargo bikes, and delivery bikes with motors are designed to provide extra torque for climbing hills or to pull heavy loads.

E bikes designed to maximize torque usually have mid-drive motors, located at the pedals. Gearing on the back wheel provides extra torque assistance for riding in difficult conditions on the mountain-side.

Pedal-Free Throttle

Some e bikes have a throttle that will function without the need of pedaling. You as the rider set the speed you want. You can press a lever or pull on a traditional-style throttle on the handlebars, giving you a quick-speed thrust.

You won’t see throttles on electric bikes with Yamaha and Bosch motors. But many of the Currie manufactured power-systems, and the Chinese-built hub motors can come with a throttle or be added on by an electric bike technician.

Ultrafast Pedelecs

Some very fast custom-made e bicycles, like H-Power Cycles and Vintage Electric, only have throttles. Customers who buy these typically want extra speed, offered by Crystalyte motors.

Because these brands are custom-made and ordered with specialized features, you can often request a pedal-assist add-on.

Are Electric Bicycles Cheating?

Yamaha offers a mid-drive motor with torque sensors. These are offered on Haibike E Bikes.

There’s a fair amount of guilt associated with buying an e bike. We understand your pain. It can feel like you’re cheating to use an e bike.

But attitudes about this technology are changing dramatically. More and more pro-mountain bikers are choosing electric bikes to train.

Why? E Bikes change the bike-riding Experience!

Riding electric bikes are more fun than traditional bikes. And what better reason do you have to ride than because it’s fun.

E bikes give you bionic legs. With an electric-boosted power system, you will ride a faster, at higher performance, for longer.

Massive hills can easily be climbed easily by a rider with a bicycle equipped with a torque-sensor motor. This let’s mountain bikers tackle more hills and ride more intense downhill spots.

Electric Bicyclists Actually Ride their Bikes

Studies have found that most owners of bikes don’t use them the way they intend to.

“About 100 million Americans bike each year, but only about 14 million bike at least twice a week.”

Our customers at Electric Bikes Inc. find that they love riding so much, it’s hard to keep their e bike in the garage for long. Many buy a starter road bike and quickly transition to a fat tire bike that they can use in the winter in any condition.

Imagine coming home after a long day of work. Your kids want to go for a ride. But you’re tired. You’ll be more likely to take them on a bicycle adventure when you own an electric bike.

Imagine that you’re on a long trail or you’re far from home, and you get exhausted. The ride is no longer fun. Ignite your pedal-free throttle and ride home in comfort.

Imagine you are mountain biking on a trail that is a new challenge for you and you hit an impossible hill. No problem with an electric mountain bike. You’ll climb that hill like a pro.

Imagine you need to ride your electric commuting bike home from work and terrible weather hits. No worries. Increase the pedal-assist or throttle home quickly.

People with electric bikes get more exercise than those that own traditional bicycles for one simple reason—they use them more.

And with the big concerns over the environmental growing, many conscientious consumers are choosing to keep their cars at home and ride vehicles with electric power.

When you consider the financial cost of automobiles to both the world at large and the individual household, it makes sense that so many Americans are choosing to join the e bike revolution.

Who Uses E Bikes?

Electric Hybrid Bikes by iZip with Currie Mid-Drive Motors

Whether you’re a competitive mountain bike racer, a commuter, recovering from an injury, trying to get back in shape, or you’re a weekend recreational cyclist, there’s an e bike for you at Electric Bikes Inc.

Electric Bikes for Rehab

Many of our customers are recovering from knee surgery, have heart or lung problems, or are middle-aged empty-nesters that want to live a more active life.

Electric bikes are an ideal way of adjusting to an exercise program. You’ll feel intrinsically motivated to get outside, stay active, and make full use of your bicycle investment. People that enjoy their exercise routine are more likely to stick with it.

Electric Bicycling for Fun

Even advanced, experienced, and pro riders are falling in love with the electric bike. They can climb hills, ride faster, and jump hills higher. Everything is better with a high-performance electric-boosted bicycle like you’ll see from Haibike.

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